Response Letter

Welcome to the page of the PWA that will save your behind at work!

Were you caught typing up a letter that had nothing to do with work? Did you find yourself explaining to your boss,

  • “It’s actually about work! And to the Positive Workforce Association! Because I love my job! And things!”

And now you need a reply. Well, wish granted. Below is a response letter that I have written for you. Print it out! May I suggest thicker paper, such as good letter stock in a gray, off-white, or yellow color? And then use the Envelope Letterhead (found on the PWA page) and print that on the back of an envelope. Make it look like it really was sent to you!

Formatting Tips:

  1. Copy and past this into Word.
  2. Make sure that the date that is Right Justified starts below the response letterhead.
  3. Double Space the document where necessary.
  4. Make sure to input your information where I’ve used insertions!


pwa response letterheadAdministrative Division * 6125 Pembroke Pines Road Suite 315 * Washington D.C. 20045 

<Month Day, Year>

Dear <Insert Your Name Here>:

I was touched to say the least upon reading your letter to me regarding your job at <Insert Your Company’s Name Here>.  Here at PWA, we strive for the most positive of office atmospheres, as that is what encourages employees to do their best work.

I have indeed read each of your suggestions on how else to improve your workplace. Allow me to comment and expand on each:

  1. Yes, consistent meetings about the goings on of a department allows for the open discussion about concerns, suggestions for improvements, and a good flow for the workspace. I would like to also add that during these meetings, when others’ efforts have been noted, the inclusion this brings to the feel of the office and the company’s employees’ well-being creates for better opportunities for those employees who want to improve their work and workplace, and this is a wonderful feeling. Inclusion is what a meeting should do, and I am glad to hear that your company strives for this.
  2. No, we here at PWA do not hold seminars or otherwise teach in person our philosophies on the workplace. Maybe we should! All that we do is commemorate those who bring forth their own philosophies, and while I do believe that is a positive action to take, I will discuss with my colleagues about the possibility of a monthly publication. Thank you for your suggestion.
  3. When I discuss an issue with an employee, I prefer to always start behind closed doors. Only once I’ve understood one side of the issue can I then determine to whom to bring the issue next. I would never “call out”, as you have put it, someone for any issue in front of a group of people, let alone their colleagues. It seems as if this is a case where your company could use some positive improvement, and I know you are just such the person to handle this task. Utilize your open-discussion meetings to bring up better protocol when disciplining.
  4. I understand your urge to have pets in the office. There are many valid reasons not to, however. Even supposedly hypo-allergenic animals can pick up airborne allergies and carry them to and from home. To keep pet dander, hair, and other pet leftovers out of an office is the best course for good hygiene. I commend your employer for this strict rule and encourage you to attend one of many seminars on other hygienic suggestions for the workplace. I will list some below.
  5. An employee seen getting ready or finishing getting ready in their workplace is showing poor time management and preparation skills. I encourage you to get up just 5 minutes earlier in the morning and see how much of a difference that makes in the time it takes you to “put on your face”, as you so nicely put it. And thank you for being so honest about your partaking in this first thing when you reach the office. I know that in my experience, even an employee who can arrive 10 minutes early to use the restroom for such practices shows better management of their time than someone who sits at their desk after the workday has already started. Remember: your appearance is one of the positive reinforcements of your daily work space. When you keep that up, even when needing to hide any extra or finishing touches, goes a long way in showing your professionalism.

Always remember that your company decided to hire you for a reason. You work for them because they had and still have the confidence that you will fulfill their requirements needed from an employee of your ilk. You are their standard! Raise it if you so desire, and that will only go so far as to impress them. It sounds like you are already doing a fine job at this.

Thank you again, <Insert Your Name>, for contacting me about <Insert Your Company’s Name>. I do hope that my suggestions have blossomed in your mind, and I will be sure to mention <Insert Your Company’s Name> at PWA’s next Commemoration Meeting, which will be in <Insert Month 6 Months From Now>.



Bartok J. Magshorn
Administration Department Head
Positive Workforce Association
Washington D.C.

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