Initial Letter

Welcome to the Initial Letter page of the PWA! You are here because you read my article How To Keep Writing Activity 9: Breaks on HubPages and either need to write this letter to blow off some steam, or maybe you’re just curious how far I’m willing to go. Well, now you can see that I have it all set up!

Formatting Tips:

  1. Copy and Paste the started letter into Word.
  2. Make sure it is Double Spaced, where necessary.
  3. Make sure to input all of your information where I have the insertions!

<Your Name>
<Your Address Line 1>
<Your Address Line 2>
<Your Email>
<Your Phone Number>

Bartok Magshorn
Administration Department Head
Positive Workforce Association
6425 Pembroke Pines RoadSuite 315
Washington D.C. 20045

Mr. Magshorn:

My name is <Insert Your Name>.  I am writing to you today to nominate <Insert Your Company’s Name> for your Positive Workforce Commemoration Award.  I am aware that you have a great deal of admissions each year, and I hope that my nomination stands out.

As you will shortly understand, my job here at <Your Company’s Name> is crucial to the flow of the office. I <say a little about your job. Make it at least 3 sentences so that it takes up the rest of your screen. If it does not, then go ahead and use the following lines as well>.

Because I see everything that happens in this office every day, I am well-qualified to explain to you the following key points about <Your Company’s Name>:

  1. The <Insert how often the meetings are> meetings are the most positive thing that happens in this office.

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