One type of writing that I always seem to help people with is a letter. I’ll have links to examples here at the bottom, but let’s first go over some of the most important things to remember when writing a letter.

  1. Who is your letter to?
    1. Are you writing to this person/entity/organization formally or as a friend?
    2. Is there a specific person you want to receive it, or is it an entire organization?
    3. Are you expecting a reply?

If you are writing formally to a specific person, with the letter having nothing to do with the organization the person is from (even if you want to use their job title and organization as references to show you know people in high places), here is how you’re going to start out your letter:

Examples of Letters I’ve helped write:

  1. This first one is actually one I wrote with my mother. We were (as you will see) having multiple financial travesties. Our town’s borough was getting on our case about the siding of the house. View the letter I wrote explaining why we kept putting the house on hold. Let’s Fix The House!
  2. A friend was in a mandatory English class. Her motivation was down (to say the least). Above that, she was supposed to write a persuasive letter asking for a raise! Of course it was during the time she was in a disagreement with her boss. I gave pointers throughout her writing process, threw out ideas and helped her brainstorm. And when she finally had a letter worth editing, I edited it for her. This is the completed letter, (and she was nice enough to send the final copy with her grade at the end!): Raise Letter