Here are common questions I get all the time while writing/editing for people.

  1. Can you do it for free? Since we know each other in RL? Since we’ve known each other so long? <Insert any other reason here>?
    No. I’m trying to do this for a living. I’m trying to make enough money doing this to feed, clothe, and bathe myself. That includes payments for services rendered.
  2. What about a discount?
    The only discount I can afford to give right now is an honest, “Go ask your mom” if you can’t be fair to me to consider my services as a business.
  3. Will you edit/write my project live for me while I wait and talk to you?
    Sure, if I have the time! If you want to set up a time we’re both available, that will work too. I prefer to use Skype for this.
  4. How much money do you make on HubPages?
    My revenue is based on Page Views. This means that I only get a couple cents per page view. Right now I’m only making about $5 a month, and HubPages doesn’t give out a payment until each time you’ve reached $50. So help me out and go to my HubPages account and view every single one of my articles! Comment on a bunch! You will be helping me buy food.
  5. What are your prices?
    I have everything listed on my Price List page.

Have another question for me? Find me on Skype or twitter and ask away! =) If it’s a common question, I’ll make sure to add it to this page.

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